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Hosted by Debbie Millman, The Mic is NYCxDESIGN's podcast that offers an inside look into New York City's most creative minds. New York City is home to the world’s most diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and when we share stories, we always find means of connection. Tune in to hear from the most innovative creators and emerging talents as they underscore design as a powerful connector and catalyst to help us build a better future together.

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Listen to past episodes of The Mic and explore fascinating stories from members of NYC's creative community.

April 2021: Nurturing Nature

How does design enable us to be better stewards of nature? In what ways can designers utilize sustainable and ethical practices in all aspects of their work? Tune in to an eye-opening discussion hosted by Debbie Millman featuring two New Yorkers at the forefront of sustainable design, Laurence Carr and Michael Hirschhorn, on how designers can use their skills and expertise to reduce our carbon footprint and ecological impact on the world.


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  • April 2021: Nurturing Nature

  • March 2021: Living Well

  • February 2021: Beauty is Everywhere

  • January 2021: Always Learning

  • Design Nerds Anonymous

  • December 2020: Building an Impact

  • November 2020: Selling Dreams

  • October 2020: Illustrating Sound

  • Introducing The Mic


Past Voice Messages

Brandon Foushee

Photography Senior

Pratt Institute

Elena Frampton

Interior Designer and Founder

Frampton Co

Naomi Frangos

Architect and Educator

Natalie Nixon

Creativity Strategist and President

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James Dieter

Lighting Designer

James Dieter

Nicci Green

Founder and Design Director


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