May 04, 2021

Asked by Kids by Ana Holschuh

Parsons School of Design

Integrated Design

Project Name: Asked by Kids
Project Website:

Asked by Kids is a global hub of arts-based educational children’s resources that are free, bilingual, and open source. Our goal is to make information more digestible for kids globally, by co-creating resources that are built from children’s own questions and ideas. Whether it be through a coloring book or workshop, our work spans multiple focus areas, from Covid-19, democratic processes, participatory budgeting and supply chains to children’s rights, and mindfulness practices. This project is co-created by Ana Holschuh and Julie Vantrease, two Integrated Design seniors at Parsons School of Design, who started collaborating on this project at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when they connected with 14 children in 7 different countries to understand their questions and reflections about Covid-19. Today, our resources are shared with multiple organizations like Artists Striving to End Poverty, and thanks to these partnerships, we’re able to reach children facing the digital divide.

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