October 05, 2020

Vincent Lin

The Tough New Yorker, The Tough Apple.

One day, I had a super stressful day working from home, decided to take a walk from Midtown to East River Path in the late afternoon. I was going to eat an apple while I was on the bench. Somehow, I totally forget that I was still wearing a mask, tried to bite the apple with my mask. I quickly check the people around me, make sure nobody saw me doing this (super stupid and embarrassing). But, everyone was wearing a mask and keep what they doing in the park – Walking with their dog or kids, fishing, running…

Suddenly, I had a moment. This pandemic really makes New Yorker stronger and makes me stronger. I love new york so much, I haven’t left the city this year. We were the worst and deadliest city in this nation 6 months ago, now we survived. Because we’re tough, we know how to handle the situation better. Wear a mask, wash hands, watch distance. We follow the simple rule, believe the science and data, and support each other. That moment, I feel so grateful and so proud to be a New Yorker. Then, I looked at the apple with my teeth mark on – laugh so hard. If New York City is a big tough apple, then we’re the small tough apples. That explains why an apple wearing a mask on the poster.  

Vincent Lin

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